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ECoS update 1.1.2 now available

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Fellow ECoS users, Update 1.1.2 is now available for download. It appears that you can make a choice on whether to allow assymetric DCC. You can also take charge of two locos per cab and toggle between them if I am reading this correctly. Diagrams attached of new screens at the bottom of this post. Good to see we've got the letter Z back!

This update includes;

Please note:

Backup files in version 1.1.2 can no longer in older software versions (1.0.5 above). Previous backup files can naturally in version 1.1.2 continue to be used.

When Capture version 1.1.2, the ECoS in most cases automatically restarted. If the Setup menu ECoS software version 1.1.2 appears, the update process was successful.

ADD: Lok quick-change button. Each hand controller can now two locomotives assigned. Further details below.

ADD: Anti Lightflicker switchable (About hook Setup-> data formats, see below)

ADD: Booster Update (Fixes Einschaltproblem on large installations)

ADD: RailCom Turnout for feedback off (in the Setup-> data formats. RailCom must be turned off when you switch a pilot using programmed Aster want to program.)

ADD: New Turnout switching (33 ms 50 ms 75 ms, 333 ms)

ADD: Restart button in the setup -> General Preferences

ADD: Linking of objects in the web

ADD: Display Turnout number / address (except for a hub)

ADD: Screensaver (Back Light)

BUGFIX: More than 3-5 ECoSlink devices (booster) sign up now always accurate and faster

BUGFIX: Railcom Turnout position and CV Read at decoder addresses with "long" Turnout address decoder

BUGFIX: Soft POM write with CV> 256

BUGFIX: mapping error in Railcom Turnout position feedback

BUGFIX: error for invalid selection trials with the setup RailCom Programmiermenu.

BUGFIX: Redirecting Schaltzuständen about the interface in keyboard mode (Train controllers).

BUGFIX: Discontinued Turnout switching are now reliably adhered

BUGFIX: Display stroke at the first call lanes menu now correctly

BUGFIX: Lichtflackern menu at reduced exchange

BUGFIX: hub controller with LokPilot GUI problems.

BUGFIX: Motorola direction change only 1x

BUGFIX: problem with a rail signal at Motorola direction reversal and fixed Railcom

BUGFIX: English keyboard layout errors in Z <>;:'

BUGFIX: Incorrect display power at the lowest threshold value in booster Menu

BUGFIX: ECoSLink Device close lands no longer in the wrong menu

BUGFIX: New Lok now accepts values from properties that no longer Crasht

CHANGE: sorting equipment in the current monitor after UID (serial number)

In addition to various, sometimes very important, we have some fixes, hopefully useful functions included:

The "Screen Saver" reduced, 4 minutes when nothing happens to the buttons, the brightness of the display, and after about 10 minutes, the backlight completely off. This serves to preserve the white LEDs, which unfortunately aging faster than green or orange. Especially in the case of plants should review this feature useful, without disturbing others to act.

In the Setup menu, and the magnet in general, the program is now next to the course number, the address given. It is easier to show what "4-block" the turnout can be found.

There are now beside the RESET NEUSTART a button. With this application, the new durchgestartet.

The Lok rapidly changing taste "is a hopefully useful new feature: Each of the two knobs can be assigned two locos, those with one click is needed. There is now below the tachos each one (new) button between the foreground and background due lok switch.

Shadow lok.bmp (Size: 9.44 KB / downloads: 142)
You can arbitrarily assign locomotives. A super a simple switching between 4 locomotives in this way is possible. It is the speed, direction of travel, address and function key condition of the "shadow lok."

To the flickering of locomotives, the lights are switched to ground and signals to prevent RailCom if in a mixed mode is used, there is the new feature "Asymmetric track signal produce, which in Setup2-> data formats can be turned.

Asymmetric _ Gleissignal.bmp (Size: 9.44 KB / downloads: 127)
If the hook is set, which creates a special data ECoS alert to prevent the flickering. It could, however, be that old decoders on such a track signal is not properly respond. The flickering should now be at an acceptable level.

We hope you continue to enjoy the ECoS!


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