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>What do I need to do this?
The only real questions to ask are:-
1) Are your point motors solenoids (e.g. Peco) or DC motors (e.g Fulgurex)?
2) Are your solenoids power hungry (normal Peco)?
3) Do you want feedback on the current point setting?

Peco solenoids and the LS150 have been discussed in the forum before. If I remember correctly (please do a search to check) the problem with Peco motors and the LS150 is that you can't set up a "macro" in your controller to fire more than one Peco at a time unless you have a beefy supplementary supply attached to the LS150. It has been said that the low power Peco solenoids don't exhibit this problem, but I've not seen any confirmation of this.

If you have DC motor driven points such as Fulgurex you will need some diodes to convert the AC power supplied by the LS150 to half wave rectified DC so that the motor goes one way or the other. If you don't fancy doing this, have a look at products from LDT - there's a link in the DCC section of the links page on the Forum.

If you want feedback from your points, I don't think the Lenz RS bus is readable by the ECoS. You will have to consider a module which uses the S88 which gives you the entire Maerklin/Trix range to choose from and LDT if you want something more exotic.

I hope this helps


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QUOTE (thindude27 @ 18 Dec 2006, 23:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I have just purchased a ECOS DCC system, and the next thing I wand to do is connect my points up. What do I need to do this? Any recommendations. I had though a Lenz LS150 would do the job.

I was thinking about using the Maerklin K83. The Ecos seems to have been designed to use a lot of Maerklin digital components and I figured this would be most compatible.
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