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I just got delivery of a couple of these today as I need to install a detector more than 0.9meters from my ECoS main unit.

Has anyone installed one of these or better still a pair of these yet? I ask because the manual in my Germany sourced units is in German and there's no English downloadable manual on the ESU website. I have run the sections through Google translate but it would be nice to have some confirmation from someone who has been down this road already.

The main points appear to be:

1) Read manual before use

2) Don't connect both of the inputs or outputs at the same time - ie use either RJ45 or DIN connector for input / output. It is ok to go in RJ45 and out DIN or vice versa.
3) Don't connect inputs to inputs or outputs to outputs
4) Don't connect the RJ45 to anything except another ECoSLink terminal
5) The RJ45 cable must have all 8 wires and they must be straight through - no crossovers. ie 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 etc.
6) You will probably never need the external power supply option. Detectors which are the top end of the consumption list are 75mA. The available current is 1000mA.
7) Using an external power supply powers the bus from there onwards
8) There is provision for termination on the bus. You probably don't need it for shorter runs < 15m.
9) The bus is linear and grows from the ECoS main unit. Slave device should not be more then 0.9 meters from the connector - ie do not extend the cable that came with the device

Observations about the device itself.
1) It is designed to be mounted via the metal panel supplied. This helps in providing the free space around the unenclosed PCB but you need to be aware of the exposed metal parts when mounting it.
2) There is a large heat sink which will need air flow around it. I do not know if this is only required when you have an external power supply.
3) The bus input to the device can be recognised by the white connector
4) The bus output from the device is on the opposite side from the input

The "flow" from input to output appears to be Left to right as you look at the panel which could be called clockwise? Sadly for me I will be going right to left so there's a potential to really screw it up
I think some bright sticky labels are called for.

Any comments / questions are welcome.


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I have now successfully installed my pair of ECoSLink terminals. There were no problems although I did do a double take when fitting the facia plates as I thought the components would be on top and that contrary to what I had written above, the bus flow was the other way. Not so! The components go face down so the flow is left to right as I said.

My current set up is:

ECoS -> supplied 0.9m cable ->ECoS link -> 3m CAT 5 cable -> CAT 5 coupler -> 3m CAT 5 cable -> ECoS link -> ESU Detector.

The CAT 5 cables are from various broadband connectivity kits I have received from my ISP over the years.

It's all working fine and the Detector is returning track occupancy status.

I plan to replace the coupler with an ECoS link whenever I need a detector at that point.

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