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Hi James and welcome to the MRF from another N Gauger.

Your 'Eh up' caught my eye so I guess your origins are in the North of England. I'm from Lancashire originally but have been overseas for so long I've almost forgotten what it is like 'oop North'. I too am in the planning stage of a layout that I have been promising myself for more years than I care to think about. Mine, however, is to be built in China which is where I plan to retire to in 3 years time. Meanwhile I am building my point control boards (Stud & probe type) and doing some detailing work on locos and rolling stock.

Had a look at your web site and must congratulate you on both its organisation and content. Very nicely done. Given the space constraints you are obviously under I applaud your choice of layout which should give plenty of operational and scenic possibilities. I look forward to seeing your progress.

One thing I did pick up on though is your intention to use Peco Point Motors. Might I suggest you also have a look at Seep motors as their PM1 motors do not require such a large hole in the baseboard, take up less room below the board than the Peco ones and will also allow you to change the polarity on your Electrofrog points. They are just as reliable, maybe even more so, and are also cheaper.

Keep up the good work,

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