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Electrofrog Points

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I have decided to use Peco code 75 track on my next layout in the loft. Having purchased my first two points I have noticed that there is a total short between the left and right track at the frog. There is a wire under the track which links up the track to produce a deliberate short. Removing the offending wire would seem to serve no purpose as the rails touch each other at the frog nib anyway. Am I missing something? I have seen an article somewhere about modifying the electrofrog points to accommodate DCC but cannot relocate it.

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Great link from DeeDee - I used to know all that but memory does fade and a refresher course is invaluable, almost essential in my case!

Do persist with the electro-frogs - eliminating dead spots is well worth it and the bonus is that they look so much better too. Just a pity that Peco don't use metal for the check/guard rails to complete the realism effect. Maybe they will in time.
I came across another link on wiring variations for live frog points and feel it's worth having it attached to this thread. Not the easiest to follow, but very comprehensive and a worthwhile reference source.

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