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QUOTE (nzpaul @ 18 Jun 2007, 19:53) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>As an Elite owner I'd like to suggest that those of us who have the system start to gather information about the bits n pieces that DO work with it.
All we seem to be getting at the moment is a lot of finger pointing and giggling at Hornby's new toy, but precious little hard fact about what it CAN do.
Many of the shortfalls or incompatability issues may well exist but merely slagging them off is of little help to people like me, so what can we do to help ourselves get around some of the apparant issues?
Fistly my own DCC needs are well within the Elite's scope without any add on bits at all, so as long as the loco decoders work with it, then I'm all good.
I've found that Bachmann's "On Board" (both U.K & U.S models) & Digitrax decoders work well and of course Hornby's are a given.
I'm led to believe that TCS decoders are not a happy match to the Elite so should be avoided but perhaps someone else can confirm this for certain.
As far as expansion of the system itself goes, my own inclination is to wait for Hornby to release the required gizmo, be that a reverse loop module or a walkaround controller, same as if I had purchased a Digitrax or Lenz unit ,I would stick to the brand as this should increase the chances of success.
The idea here is to put aside the crap that's been thrown at the Elite and find out what makes it work well, perhaps we could find a way of making a database to keep all the info in one place, that would be quite useful aye.



There is already a Yahoo Group which covers this:

TCS decoders are my primary choice in decoders and work very well on my Lenz 100 system and the NCE and Digitrax systems of friends.
I also have an Elite on my workbench and I can confirm that many TCS decoders do NOT work with Elite. Some do not respond at all, some give unpredictable speed control and one or two seem to work but spring into action when a loco is stationary.

I have a few ESU LokPilot decoders. These work well with Elite.

Graham Plowman
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