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Over the last few years, as and when, parts of my original train set collection from the 1960's have been disposed off. I am now down to my last wagon from one of my original 1960's train sets and was about to dispose of it when a shiver went down my spine. Its as if the wagon was talking to me and reminding me of the train set action I had with it in the 1960's.

Yes its a tatty old Hornby Dublo toad brake van but it is the last reminder of my original train set collection when I was a youngster. Yes I do have a nice mint boxed example purchased more recently however it was not purchased first hand by me in 1963 during a visit to a toy shop in Willesden Green.

Its daft but I do not seem able to break the link with this wagon and therefore it will remain on the shelf as a reminder of the 1960's when I was a young lad.

To anybody else its really scrap but to me it is not! Strange.

Does anybody else suffer remorse when clearing out out model railway items?

And if you do what items are you hanging on to?

Sentiment is clearly one of those emotions that pops up now and again however for railway modellers (in the broadest sense) it possibly is the strongest emotion.

Happy modelling
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