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QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 22 Feb 2007, 12:48) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I think that many of us regret parting with our first purchases - I certainly do.

Maybe that's why I no longer have any "sentimental" bits in my collection.

(Bet BRITHO has some bits though

How can I not reply to that?

A lot of my early stuff is still owned by my cousin (I sold it to him so I could buy a Scalextrix set in the early 70's). However, I still have the remains of an N Gauge Brittania I bought in 1977 from a permanant exhibition layout that used too be in a hotel in Margate. I also have a few old Matchbox and corgi toys, mostly very battered, but much loved as a child. Then again I still have my old teddy bear "Fred" now very very bald and with a non working growl, but, he's allowed to be battered - I have had him since December 25th 1958.

Yes I wish I still had a lot of things now that I had then, but I suppose one must move on.


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