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QUOTE (hairyhandedfool @ 1 May 2008, 11:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The price of models is, I think, increasing beyond the means of the ordinary modeller, largely due to extra features and details. Whilst I welcome the advancement of the detail, do we really need opening drivers doors and such?
I think there are some swings and roundabouts involved too though. Once you have flywheels where do all your older models without them go...on eBay or sold at an exhibition/club etc, then once you have DCC then some of those older/harder to convert models are sold. The people who buy models with DCC sound often become reluctant to buy new models without it and also are more likely to get rid of older models without sound too. People who buy a train with opening doors will forever afterwards think less of their normal 'bog standard' coaches and will be more likely to part with them.

Sorry, I'm waffling as usual, but what I'm trying to say is that new features and details are a key driver of the second hand market, which is dependent not just on old modellers dying and their families not wanting their models but more on people upgrading and so having things to sell. Second hand prices are obviously much lower, and often people are selling models they never actually used for a variety of reasons - too many other favourites to run, not enough decoders to go round, could only drive one train at a time (not true with DCC anymore!), used for dust collecting (display) only etc. etc.

Perhaps finally the 'ordinary modeller' is changing, as those with more money for DCC and sound see a potential the hobby didn't have before and so join in, and those without the money are squeezed out at the bottom, so the ordinary modeller becomes on avarage, 'the man in the car in the street' instead of the 'man in the street' (presumably walking to a bus stop!)

Anyway, my metaphors have gotten the better of me so I shall shut up before I veer further off topic...what was the topic?!
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