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Its interesting reading this thread.

The British modeller has not been served well in terms of DCC by the manufacturers. The continental modeller has been playing with it for over 20 years. I will also pass comment that the continental modeller has had close coupling for over 20 years. Personally, I like the look of wagons and locomotives where the buffers are 1mm apart.

This hobby is unique in terms of its make up and what people want out of it. By far the majority of people in it buy and run RTR equipment. At one end we have the small 6x4 layout that has a couple of trains on it and its owner has fun. At the other end we have some huge layouts that has many trains on it, all the bells and whistles and the owner has fun with it. In between are the majority of modellers who funnily enough have fun with it as well.

I am a great believer in that you should purchase what you like. My interests are somewhat eclectic and like BRITHO this limits what I purchase. This is a choice that I have made, that over time has worked well for the layout that I ambuilding.

When you look at the price of models, you need to make some decisions as to what your expectations are. I am pretty certain that when Hornby announce the price of their sound equipped models, there will be much debate as to how much they cost. An ESU sound chip is worth about GBP80. Sure Hornby are going to be able to buy them in bulk a bit cheaper, but based on the European norm, this will add about GBP60 to the price of the locomotive.

Everything is available at a cost. If you want to have working signals, these are going to be a lot more expensive to purchase that if you have non working signals. If you want generic looking locomotives, these are going to be more expensive that scale models, similarly steam locomotives will be more expensive than diesel locomotives. You pay your money and get what you want and pay for.

An interesting aside is that Marklin announce this year a new steam locomotive that is available with and without sound, possibly recognising that not every one wants sound in their locomotives. What would be interesting would be to find out how many they made with sound and how many without. Personally, I would say that the without sound version would be more popular.

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