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QUOTE (41235 @ 26 Apr 2008, 21:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>hence all the questions I have asked on here since I joined...I apologise if I have annoyed anyone asking questions which to anyone that has been doing the hobby for a long time must sound simple.

I don't think you need to apologise at all, I have found your questions refreshing, mainly because they are the sort of queries that other "starters" can relate to.

I have to agree about prices - but if you think Hornby and Bachmann are expensive don't even look at the continental manufacturers.

As my main collection/project is to model British outline HO I have little choice but to buy secondhand, in fact there is only one British outline model currently produced (by Roco) and that is in the livery of Danish State Railways - it's a class 08.

Having said that I hace also decided to model a fictitious BR(S) branch and have started to acquire stock for this - all so far secondhand, but both locos acquired so far (34067 Tangmere and Q1 33006) appear to have never been out of their boxes.

Enjoythe hobby and membership of the forum.

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