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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 1 Oct 2007, 05:48) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Therefore when it comes to decision time, ergonomics are at least as important as the electronics, and so there will be some who should buy one brand, some the other, because they way the system is operated will dictate the "user comfort" with the system, NOT the length of the feature list, which is to me, largely a distraction from the most important decision points!

And they are - "Does it do what I ask, and is it comfortable and a pleasure for me to use".
100% support for this. I was able to try out a fair spread of systems when shopping around last year, and concentrated on these factors. All of the full systems offered more capability than I am ever likely to exploit, but it is good to have the menu available so that there are minimal constraints on any future development that may take my interest. As a newcomer to DCC I was looking for 'bombproof' reliability, so that any problems were likely to be with me, the system could be ignored as a source of trouble. Once I had the system several weeks were spent just operating with it, and familiarising myself with the control layout, so that all aspects of its' use became near instinctive.

The choice eventually went to the Lenz 100, (swayed in part by nostalgia for some resemblance to Allen Bradley industrial controllers used early in my career) and a year in it continues to be a joy to use.
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