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We have one on the club project, and to be honest LH100 isn't my favourite handheld controller. Personally I find knobs preferable to pressing keys , and getting at the functions to work points requires excavating through several layers of menu. You get used to it I suppose , but..... If you want to run a train a Lokmaus is a great deal more intutitive , though as a very basic 2 function controller it has serious limitations

From the point of view of ease and comfort of use, control and programming of decoders I'd much rather use my NCE PowerCab. This is a starter system, and was bought deliberately because it is cheap and because on an 8'6" shunting plank you don't need a lot of amps , and computer control is unecessary (a computer interface is promised though) . The "full" NCE PowerPro is rather more expensive than the Lenz

There's nothing wrong with the capabilities or reliability of the Lenz Set 100.

But I'm thinking of putting up a prize for the first person in the club who manages to control a loco with the LH90. No-one's cracked it yet
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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