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The second page of Zimo's November 2007 newsletter was dedicated to the Erbert mosaic panel which can be connected to the Zimo system. There is a link which I reproduce here to a page on "Arnolds Train Website" where there is a brief English language description of how a system may be put together. Whilst the article states you get best results from connecting to Zimo (hence the newsletter mention I guess), this does not preclude connecting it to something else.

I don't know if this comes close to UK practice but the chance to build your own power box active mimic diagram without going down the Viessmann Commander route might appeal to some.


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I am not certain either that this used to be like UK practice - the principle omission is the display on each track section of the present or oncoming train number. And I don't suppose it used the eNtry-eXit ('NX') method of setting up the required routes.

Now, of course, York and other IECC power boxes use VDUs, keyboards and tracker balls to activate points etc. So the use of a computer to display track diagrams, occupation of sections and to control the points/signals of a model layout is the nearest we can get to current practice.

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