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Bachmann Europe Plc have today released Ernie 1, the self-propelled inspection vehicle used by Ernie on the International Underground network.

Ernie 1 (UE206) is now available at a recommended retail price of £19.95. The motorised unit includes a working headlight, which can be switched on and off by moving the switch in the tool compartment and has an 8PIN decoder socket fitted.

This model as well as serving its role as part of the Underground Ernie range of models for which Bachmann Europe Plc has the world wide license for producing electric model trains, this particular item has generated considerable interest amongst narrow gauge and tramway modellers.

Graham Hubbard, Managing Director of Bachmann Europe Plc said "Ernie 1 provides a really cost effective item of motive power for O16.5 narrow gauge models, whilst the power bogie has been eagerly awaited by tramway modellers. We look forward to seeing some interesting conversion articles in the model railway press over the coming months. Underground Ernie fans have also been keen to get their hands on this item, which includes Ernie in the drivers cab".

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QUOTE (john woodall @ 20 Aug 2008, 17:28) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Bachmann are being very very evil by putting that DCC plug on it.

Naughty Bachmann


***A seriously cool wee thing indeed! Looks like a perfect project for Martin - lights all round, dashboard lights and one in Ernies radio too, to flash when he gets a call!


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That 08 cab is 4mm scale?

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