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ESU Aototune

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Hi , I recently purchased an ESU Loco decoder that has the "Autotune" feature and have tried unsuccessfully to carry out the procedure on a programming track using a sprog and decoder pro , I have set CV 54 to a value of zero and configured a JMRI throttle to show F1 on the first throttle button, but on pressing F1 to start the tuning procedure nothing happens ie the Loco does not move , if I try to run the Loco using the throttle in the usual way everything is fine but I can't work out how to get the "autotune" to work , can anyone advise please where I may be going wrong ?.
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Sounds complicated. I only have a Lenz 100 system and programme Lenz and Zimo decoders: no other doodads required, and the decoders deliver exquisite performance. Sometimes less can be more...
...I am going to now try to get to grips with the far from intuitive Lenz LH100 handset which I have been trying to avoid and see if I can do it that way , I don't know about anybody else ? but I find the LH100 to be confusing at best and totally non intuitive and clunky in use...
This is a good illustration of why it is important to get 'hands on' with a DCC system. I positively love the Lenz LH100, it can be operated single handed and most of the time 'eyes off' - my eyes are for use for watching the trains running!

The handbook is well written and very logical. Just follow the instructions and everything simply works, it's bombproof. My first purchase still going strong and fast coming up to 20 years in completely reliable service.

But it doesn't suit everyone.
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