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ESU Aototune

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Hi , I recently purchased an ESU Loco decoder that has the "Autotune" feature and have tried unsuccessfully to carry out the procedure on a programming track using a sprog and decoder pro , I have set CV 54 to a value of zero and configured a JMRI throttle to show F1 on the first throttle button, but on pressing F1 to start the tuning procedure nothing happens ie the Loco does not move , if I try to run the Loco using the throttle in the usual way everything is fine but I can't work out how to get the "autotune" to work , can anyone advise please where I may be going wrong ?.
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The autotune feature has been on ESU decoders since v4 for both LokSound and LokPilot.

I have used it a few times: as Nigel2001said, it doesn't always give the best results, but I found that some of these less successful attempts were improved by repeating the procedure two or three times, and only a couple had to be completely manually tuned to get the best results.

I use NCE Power Pro and PowerCab systems, and both work equally well in using the autotune feature, with the proviso that my programming track with a Power Cab is short, so I have to make sure I restrain the locos a little to prevent an overrun disaster!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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