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ESU Aototune

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Hi , I recently purchased an ESU Loco decoder that has the "Autotune" feature and have tried unsuccessfully to carry out the procedure on a programming track using a sprog and decoder pro , I have set CV 54 to a value of zero and configured a JMRI throttle to show F1 on the first throttle button, but on pressing F1 to start the tuning procedure nothing happens ie the Loco does not move , if I try to run the Loco using the throttle in the usual way everything is fine but I can't work out how to get the "autotune" to work , can anyone advise please where I may be going wrong ?.
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Hi Babs , like yourself I was unaware of this feature which is not available on all ESU decoders until a recent purchase of a Lokpilot 5 Micro decoder and stumbled on an ESU USA video which unfortunately only describes the process using a Lokprogrammer and an Ecos which is as simple as toast , i'm all Lenz but do have a sprog which works well with Decoder Pro but not so in this instance , I don't think the problem lies with ESU or the decoder itself but is most likely with my configuration of DP .I inherited the layout a year ago and knew next to nothing about my late fathers plans for it other than it had Traincontroller Gold installed on it's dedicated PC , I had no knowledge of DCC or computer control other than what my dad said in passing when I visited him so it's been an almost mind numbing year for me trying to get to grips with an almost complete system that I had no idea how to finish .If anyone has used DP to accomplish this task I would be most grateful for your input .
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Most of the decoders on the Locos are Lenz silver minis with one mini Gold plus a CT Elektronik which my dad said was the only decoder that would fit an N Bachman Jinty that had railcom on board (dad had a thing about Railcom although i'm not sure why as TC apparently does'nt make use of it ) , i'm slowly realising that I must have taken in more of Dads explanations of the layout than I at first thought.The reason for using the ESU decoder rather than Lenz was that it was the only non angled Railcom enabled decoder that would fit a Loco that I received recently as my father had pre ordered and paid for it before his death .If you watch this vid you can see just how easy it is to program an ESU autotune decoder using a Lokprogrammer and an Ecos , but I cant figure it out using the sprog and Decoder Pro .
Hi Nigel , yes I did have track power on but the loco did'nt respond to an F1 button press on the throttle but did respond when I used the throttle normally ie as a speed and direction throttle .I have delved more deeply into the configuration of DP throttles and it say's that the default setting should show an F1 button but mine shows a Whistle button , I think that when I used the properties tab to set the first button as F1 rather than whistle I had'nt actually clicked on the 1st button but I may have , i'm quite busy today but will have a look tonight to see if it was my configuration at fault .
Well I think I give up on getting DP to work with autotune after checking that I have everything set as per recommendations I still cannot get an F1 press on a DP throttle to initiate the process .I am going to now try to get to grips with the far from intuitive Lenz LH100 handset which I have been trying to avoid and see if I can do it that way , I don't know about anybody else ? but I find the LH100 to be confusing at best and totally non intuitive and clunky in use and I have it in mind ( when I can afford it ) to replace the LZV100 with a much more user friendly Ecos if it will work with Lenz accesory decoders .-
My apologies for remaining quiet for a few days , I have been researching various components of my dads system and have also had a conversation with my mum as to how I should proceed and she has firmly come down in favour of me not changing anything on the layout unless it's absolutely necessary so the Lenz/DCC4Pc system will be staying in place and i'll now get to grips with fully familiarising myself with it's handheld controller and using it to configure CV's .One thing I am learning fast is that there are very few shortcuts in running model trains under computer control .
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