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ESU Decoder Tester fault

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After the J39 fun, I thought I'd relax with a little LMS sound....

I bought a nice new decoder tester by ESU about two months ago. Used it once to test a home brew sound chip then put the tester away until tonight.

I bought a SWD LMS Mogul chip at Warley and couldn't wait to try it out. Got the tester out, connected it to my ECoS and instant short. Thankfully I hadn't inserted the new chip yet. Got the multi metre out and yep, straight short across the track connectors. I then spend the next hour with the multimeter trying to debug the problem, but failed. Every component seems to be functioning correctly and I can't see any damage. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be very grateful as I don't fancy having to return it as I'd like to use it over Christmas!


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