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I purchased a lok programmer recently and have managed to load the correct sounds into my diesel loksound decoder. Howeve, how or where do I find other sounds to download into the decoder such as cows mooing or locomotive cab chatter. Do I download extra sounds from ESU or are there other sites who have suitable sound files. I may not want to download the sounds mentioned but would be nice to know how to do it. I have read the manual but a lot of it is not making sense to me. Thankyou.
This is really what the whole custom sound package industry is about!
You can get plain sound files from the ESU website but if you want to add extra sounds, you need to edit the sound project and add the sound segment (WAV files) in. I need to do something similar for by D600 - it has the ESU V200 project, but I want to change the horns and brakes. Just haven't got around to it and people tend not to put useful sound clips online like that and if they do, there's usually a dog or some other unhelpful background noise!
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