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I have recently bought an ESU sound only decoder, which is intended for the Peco Turntable, so as to provide the Steamer Simmer, which goes absent without leave, at the polarity change point. It has also enabled some other sounds of the TT yard to be available:
F1-Boiler noise
F2-Volume control
F6-Guards whistle
F7-Workshop noise
F8-Water tower
F9-Steam drain cocks
F10-Fade sound.
The volume control just reduces the volume by 5 notches and the fade sound does what it says which might be better.
F0 with work lights or power via AUX1
Everything is adjustable through CV's depending on your controller as most will only go up to CV255.

Neil, at Wheel Tappers Sounds is very helpful and has other sounds, too.
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