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ESU Mobile Station ECoS

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Due out this summer, ESU's answer to Marklin's Mobile Station. The ECoS can handle several different Digital Protocols, including Trix Selextric, Marklin Motorola and DCC. Support for NMRA's DCC Bidirectional Communication is already built in. The ECoS comes with an Ethernet connection to allow for software updates and computer programming. Unfortunatly for some it supports the S88-Bus.

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That's great. This system was due out last year,but they had problems with the thing.

Hopefully it will now bring Motorola users into the DCC fold.

This subject belongs in the DCC section, where there is already a thread on the ECoS unit.

There is also more detail in the DCC section.

Thank You !

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ECoS Manual now on pdf ,Please note the Manual are in German edition,English edition will follow soon.
I'm sure this will be a good system, there are so many good systems now. Pity it's not loconet, or X-bus compatable, could be a problem for some.
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I would have loved it to be loconet compatable but if it becomes popular enough Uhlenbrok may come up with an adapter to work with my system since I can use the ESU handheld I don't see why not. There's even an adapter for me to use Marklin's mobile station with my Twin Center.
Isn't the EcoSniffer port supposed to provide the interface to other system types?

They allude to that but I don't recognize the connector.
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