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ESU Navigator 50300

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I have purchased a ESU Navigator 50300 but am unable to establish a connection via USB to my Windows 7 laptop
As per ESU printed Navigator instruction for software update " initially this USB function is disabled. In order to use this, the software of the base station needs to be updated...."
To apply the Firmware Upgrade to a Navigator you connect the Navigator via ECoSLink to an ECoS running Firmware 3.5.0. The ECoS will automatically apply the firmware update to the Navigator. It does mean that anyone wanting to update their Navigator firmware will have to take it to someone who has an ECoS updated to Firmware 3.5.0.
Seems simple what if you don't have a Ecos 50200??
I am sure this must have been mentioned on previous threads but am unable to find any. Can anyone help with a sensible answer please
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If it is an update you are after you can try to Connect it directly to Your router at home to se if it will auto Connect With internet.
You can allso see if a downloadable file is available on the ESU webpage to store on a memory stick and plug that memorystick into the USB port on the 50300.
If I get the manual right then the USB cable is only for use With Train controlling software like Train Controller, Roc Rail, Win Digipet or similar.
And this means you will need either a memorystick, lan or usb cable between the 50300 and Your router, or a Wireless Connection to Your router to hava a chance of getting an update..
That is at least how my CS used to work before it burned up lol:)
Cheers JC
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