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Hi all

Reviving this topic a bit I guess.

I am using so called Bookbinder's glue. This is a water based white glue that I use for attaching delicate parts on delicate surfaces s.a. glazing, etched nameplates, number or shed plates etc. where you do not want to damage either the item to be attached and/or the area it is being attached too. This glue creates a remarkable strong bond between all kinds of materials, not just paper or card where is made for. It dries reasonably fast, still leaving enough time to correct position of the item and dries clear and virtually invisible. Excess glue can be rubbed off easily and does not leave marks. Needless to say I also use it for building cardkits.

Should be available from a good stationary/book store.

I attached etched name and numberplates to a Bachmann Jubilee this weekend with this type glue, so I thought I let you all know.

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