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Etched Plates

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I'm looking for a few specific WR loco cabside plates (preferably with BR smokebox plate).
Neither Fox nor Modelmaster list these numbers on their websites.
Are there any other manufacturers I can contact?
Many thanks
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247 Developments 18 Glyn Close, Barwell, Leicester, Leicestershire LE9 8GL

or resources on UK Modelshops
There is also C&G nameplates, I haven't been able to find an address for them, but at exhibitions they are to be found on the International Models stand.

Any help?

Ooops sorry it;s actually CGW nameplates.

Hi Talyllyn, you can try Kings Cross plates at just follow the onscreen instructions. When you have got on the GWR page the GW/BR is under column D, BR should be on the right side but there looks to be some not quite correct. You can always email or phone Mr Burton to be sure.
Regards Bizerba
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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