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Eureka Models VR R Class 4-6-4 Hudson


The HO scale VR R class will feature:

Optional Sound!
Sound equiped models include factory fitted DCC chip
Model, including sound effects, will operate with both DCC and standard 12v DC
Non sound equiped models are DCC ready
NMRA wheel profiles
Kadee compatible couplers
All wheel pick-up
ABS Boiler and Tender Body
Detailed cab including crew

The first run will comprise:

Standard Coal Burner
(Numbers to be advised)

Festival of Britain display loco
R 704 This is the one at Williamstown Rail Museum.

West Coast Railway
R 711 R 766

Oil burners
R 719 R 748

Preserved locos
R 707 R 761

All variations will be available with optional SOUND

Our HO VR R class 4-6-4 is due in 2009

After delivery price: will be determined by currency movements, but is expected to be $595.00
Factory fitted QSI sound module, suitable for DC and DCC operation add $99.00
Factory weathered add $25.00

Having seen the real loco this should be an impressive model. For VR modellers and others who are interested this should be a model to look forward to. If the standards of the Garratt were anything to go by this should be a good one.

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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 22 May 2008, 12:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>***I hope its more reliable than the Garratt.... I've now put a dozen through rehabilitation, most due to the poor construction quality / assembly of the sound decoders which seem to fail frequently.

Interesting question though: HO scale. That makes the track gauge you'll need 18.375mm as its a 5'3" gauge Victorian loco. Same problem that the Irish have with gauge and scale.....

HO is 3.5mm scale on nearly accurate 16.5
OO is 4mm scale on nowhere near accurate 16.5
What do you call it when you put an HO broad gauge loco on 16.5.... Its going to look very knock-kneed compared to the lovely photo's Neil!


I haven't had any problems with my Garratt other than the clipping together of the three units althoug I canwell believe the stuff about the sound decoders. I wouldn't complain too much Richard if you're getting all that business out of it.

Won't the broad gauge issue just be similar to the OO gauge on HO track phenomena?

maybe sorting that out is what's causing the delays?

I must admit I do fancy this one. I would want the festival of Britain one though. I will wait till they start showing at the Trains shows so I can get a look.

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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 22 May 2008, 13:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>*** Its a handsome loco - shame to see them so scruffy in those pictures!

Even given the added inaccuracy I actually don't think it'll in reality be any different than OO to most either.

I wonder how long it'll be for the purists to create a scale chassis for it if its as good as it can be body wise? As to the garratts, I don't mind the business but as I am a modeller too I am always disappointed for the owners when a loco lets them down

There was actually an article in the Age which is the Melbourne paper, which discussed the tragedy of all those historic locos being left out in the open rusting at the Williamstown museum. It's not the Museums fault as they don't get the funding but look at all that heritage and those excellent locos gradually decaying. very sad.

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QUOTE (Richard Johnson @ 22 May 2008, 22:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>*** and then you could use 16.5 mm track gauge legitimately - NZR modelling, Like West Australian modelling, is SN3-1/2 (3/16 scale on 16.5 track). I have a lovely NZR J class kit in the draw awaiting my attention....

At our BRMA meeting on the weekend I was lucky enough to see some nice NZ stock. Very nice. Reminded me of some South African locos.
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