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QUOTE (Rhodesia @ 12 Oct 2008, 18:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Does anyone have any opinions (other than cost) on the Fleischmann N-Gauge models? I cant seem to find any reviews on many of their Prussian locos.
will they work on our British 18v tracks?

Hello Rhodesia,

I can only speak from the experience of recent purchases, so models in the last few years, but I would say that detail, quality and paintwork and running characteristics really do come with excellent as standard, as is fitting for the price. There are quite a lot of reviews, in German though, at if you go to the database and type the Fleischmann number in. You can copy and paste the reviews into Google translate quite easily if you don't speak German.

I would highly recommend Fleischmann, Minitrix, Roco and Hobbytrain/Kato. They all have many many excellent models to their names.

I hope that this is of help, do ask if you need more advice, there are always friendly people about on this forum I have found.
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