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Hello, (I'll know I'm late

Next weekend (27, 28 and 29 October) is the International model railway event in Utrecht:

QUOTE Largest model railway event in Europe
Model railways and everything concerning them. That's what EUROSPOOR is about. The most splendid model rail-ways in the world will be exhibited. All together, over sixty. A unique miniature world built in detail. Houses, cars, people and - of coursetrains.

Unique models on 200,000 square feet
You will find unique collections of superior quality. Thousands of miniature locomotives of well-known and lesserknown makes. Miniatures not bigger than your little finger. But also enormous specimens weighing many kilograms each.

Demonstrations and advice
EUROSPOOR doesn't only mean looking! You can learn a lot there, too! What is the best way to set up a model railway? How are models made? Which technique had the preference when 'building' a landscape? These are only a few points from the long list of activities.

Buying at extremely low prices
Furthermore, at the stands of national and interna-tional firms you can obtain not only information but also new articles and parts at extremely low prices. Moreover, there is a special model railway market 600 metres long where trainlovers offer their used trains, accesories and collectors' items for sale or exchange.

The kids ... can really play
This is not a show where it's .... 'hands off and look' ... No! For the kids there's plenty of material for them to play to their hearts content. A number of clubs even allows them to help operate the railways.

A wonderful outing, not only for 'train-freaks'
Not only for fanatical enthusiasts is EUROSPOOR the very summit, but for everybody who just wants a day out EUROSPOOR is a good choice. Even for those who are not themselves active in the world of model railways it is a feast for the eyes to see splendid miniature railways in action and to dream away in magnificent landscapes.

In short: if you have an affinity for trains you mustn't miss EUROSPOOR!

Is there anybody going to this event? Or perhaps, with a stand or table?

Does somebody know of there are any British tables or stands?

I'm going next friday, and I'll hope to buy some good trains, or else some Fleischmann profi-track.

For more information:



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And here's the last part:

This train was not for sell:

And this are my new trains:

A Bachmann Deltic:

And a Bachmann C1 luggage carriage:

This was it!

I'll hope you like my pictures.

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