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Eurostar City Italia

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I noticed that Trenitalia have recently introduced a special locomotive hauled service that runs between Milan and Lecce (down in the heel of Italy) called Eurostar City Italia or ESC and I was curious to know if this is a test route before the service is "rolled-out" across the network and whether in particular it could become international in future? (A bit like the ÖBB Railjet service coming in 2008...) There are specially refitted coaches in a new livery:

Trenitalia - UIC-Z car in "EuroStarCity" livery. 2007-02-28, Santhià.
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What sort of rollingstock is used on current international services from Italy to Switzerland or Austria apart from the tilting Fiat pendolino? I understand that Cisalpino have locomotive hauled trains also:

Cisalpino 484017 leads a southbound Cisalpino express past Assuerberg - 29/12/2005
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Presumably there are ordinary Trenitialia EC loco hauled trains to Austria also in XMPR livery or grey/grey/yellow livery?

EC 89 "Leonardo da Vinci" (München - Milano) beim Aufenthalt in Jenbach. An der Spitze eine E-Lok der Baureihe 1044.
Picture from

Any help with usual train compositions and any other info would be welcome as I'm trying to model these trains in N scale but thought I'd ask in 'H0 and International' because the N gauge subforum seems a bit of a backwater! Obviously this information is just as relevant in H0!

Are there many FS modellers out there in any gauge?

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I do like that EurostarCity livery - nice & simple, yet eye catching.

I take it they are ok with the Eurostar part of the name, otherwise the legal eagles will already be listening to the sound of money.
Re Italian stock travelling to Switzerland, I snapped this Cisalpino train at Zurich last year.

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