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I noticed that Trenitalia have recently introduced a special locomotive hauled service that runs between Milan and Lecce (down in the heel of Italy) called Eurostar City Italia or ESC and I was curious to know if this is a test route before the service is "rolled-out" across the network and whether in particular it could become international in future? (A bit like the ÖBB Railjet service coming in 2008...) There are specially refitted coaches in a new livery:

Trenitalia - UIC-Z car in "EuroStarCity" livery. 2007-02-28, Santhià.
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What sort of rollingstock is used on current international services from Italy to Switzerland or Austria apart from the tilting Fiat pendolino? I understand that Cisalpino have locomotive hauled trains also:

Cisalpino 484017 leads a southbound Cisalpino express past Assuerberg - 29/12/2005
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Presumably there are ordinary Trenitialia EC loco hauled trains to Austria also in XMPR livery or grey/grey/yellow livery?

EC 89 "Leonardo da Vinci" (München - Milano) beim Aufenthalt in Jenbach. An der Spitze eine E-Lok der Baureihe 1044.
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Any help with usual train compositions and any other info would be welcome as I'm trying to model these trains in N scale but thought I'd ask in 'H0 and International' because the N gauge subforum seems a bit of a backwater! Obviously this information is just as relevant in H0!

Are there many FS modellers out there in any gauge?

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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