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Eurostars already can and do reach speeds of 187mph - the first part of CTRL from the tunnel to just south of the Thames estuary has been open for about 3 years

What is now opening is the final stage from just south of Gravesend , under the Thames in tunnel, parallel with the LTS from Purlfeet to Dagenham , then in a 10 mile tunnel (cleared for 125mph) from Dagenham to St Pancras , with an intermediate station at Stratford.

I know CTRL is normally dismissed as pretty small beer , but from the French portal to St Pancras is 105 miles of extremely heavy engineering , including 4 long tunnels (Channel Tunnel, 26 miles, London Tunnel 10 miles, Thames tunnel 4 miles; N Downs tunnel 2 miles) a large viaduct over the Medway, and 4 major stations (St Pancras , Stratford, Ebbsfeet, Ashford)

To find another major route as heavily engineered as this you have to look at the transalpine tunnels in Switzerland . And I'm not sure even the Gotthard route has more engineering , over a longer distance, than St Pancras /Calais-Frethun. Certainly there is nothing comparable to these engineering works on the French LGV network , most of which sticks to open country and lets the gradient profile take the strain

Apparently the first of the 125mph Javelin commuter EMUs for CTRL are now in the country and begining tests on the 3rd rail network
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