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EWS livery

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Sorry to be so negative in my 2nd ever posting, but am I the only one who thinks EWS's maroon and yellow/gold is the most awfull, boring, unimaginitive livery of recent times? To me, it appears to spoil the look of every diesel it adourns.

I think EWS should re-paint all their locos in the 'Executive silver' livery of their 'show off' class 67 (67029). That livery is beautiful, although I would say those animal head graphics would probably be too costly to plaster over 300 odd locos.

There again, maybe I don't know what the hell I'm talking about! Rant over.
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In modern society, cost reduction is paramount to companies. Now printing three letters in one colour can not be beaten for minimum cost incurred.
Companies are not too worried if a sign is to dull, as long as the message is seen and understood at the lowest possible cost to them.
I haven't actually seen the livery in question, except in the model press, and I have to admit that I rather like it as a complete change from the greens and blues.
I have to say that I think it looks OK too, though I haven't seen the other for comparison.
I have seen the silver 'skip' once, but it was heading out as i arrived at chesterfield. It does look quite nice, but not sure it would suit the 66's - 67's definatly, 60's possibly, and 92's i'm not sure on.
I like the livery on the class 66's but it looks a bit boring on the 60's. Anyway, I prefer the two-tone grey on the 60's

At Doncaster on saturday I saw for the first time some class 60's with the EWS vinyl stickers (of varying sizes) - and they all looked horrible
Almost as bad as graffitti
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Seen several of the 60's with the vinyl's on them ... and to be honest why bother with them in the first place?

Most of the 60's i have seen, the vinyl is peeling off making it a waste really.
Could you imagine a class 37 with a liberal coating of engine room crud all over the sides. I wonder how 60006 and 60033 look in corus silver after a couple of trips.
Now the proud owner of a Class 66 in EWS livery and I like it a great deal, as I said before it makes a very nice change. This model is also a beautiful mover.
Out of the 100+ locos i have in all liveries i only have one in ews and thats a class 47. However the class 60 from hornby and 66 from bachmann are on the next year wishlist, funds permitting.
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QUOTE (double00 @ 15 Nov 2005, 17:54)In modern society, cost reduction is paramount to companies.

Try telling that to First group and Arriva who change liveries with alarming regularity presumably at great expense wuth design costs and cost of materials. Even the new Northern rail franchise has 3 different liveries of its own in addition to all the ones it inherited. Personally i think the old railtrack/network rail blue and green has to be the most hideous colour scheme around.
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