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QUOTE The Hornby really of no practical use on a layout

Just because a loco has a fantasy livery does not mean it is not a top seller!

What does this say about the typical railway modeller?

There are probably a very small minority of modellers who actually care about whether a loco is of practical use and a very large majority who care about whether a loco looks nice or not!

Smokey Joe is the top selling loco of the last 25 years....

Lets not be critical of those locomotives which are not strictly prototypical but look nice as those modellers who wish to create their own world and don't wish to follow any particular prototype probably outnumber those who do!

When you think about it Triang became very successful at the expense of Hornby Dublo on the back of selling fantasy product for the first 10 years of the companies life and whilst the market has changed Hornby have not forgotten its roots and long may they continue to produce fantasy liveries.

Happy modelling
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