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Now I,ve come to know a few of you a bit better I thought I'd apologise for any posts that may seem a bit non-sensical,I recieved a head injury in the mid 90s as the result of a bad motorcycle accident which appears to be getting worse as the years roll on,when symptoms creep up on me I leave the laptop alone for the evening.this new hobby is helping things,change of lifestyle also.
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When I was a teenager I used to ride a Lambretta, remember mods and rockers ? When I say ride, well I have to admit that I fell off quite a few times to ! Luckilly, I didn't suffer any injury that required medical treatment, just very stiff from bruises a couple of times. Now I'm more mature and have some disposable income, I use four wheels and very comfortable they are to. When my stepson wanted a motor bike, I did everything I could to pursuade him not to get one ! He didn't listen but he got rid of it just before the second winter thank goodness (It was worse for him, he lives in the middle of Russia !)

I'm just glad you guys have survived your various accidents - some of my mates, mod and rocker, did not.

Keep on modelling !
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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