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Now I,ve come to know a few of you a bit better I thought I'd apologise for any posts that may seem a bit non-sensical,I recieved a head injury in the mid 90s as the result of a bad motorcycle accident which appears to be getting worse as the years roll on,when symptoms creep up on me I leave the laptop alone for the evening.this new hobby is helping things,change of lifestyle also.
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I rode bikes for years and had a few bumps but the one that done me in was a dirt bike crash at 25/30 mph on private ground. Because it was private we had a few ciders,the sun was blazing so we didnt have our crash helmets on,I oniy had a pair of shorts on and landed on a dis-used,gravely aeroplane runway.The gravel burn was so painfull it took until the next day and a bucket of painkillers before I noticed the damage to my head. That was one mother of a hangover! Im happy with the new hobby,it appears to be quite safe!
My mum is happier now also as in the past I've been run over twice and broke both legs,snapped my wrist pulling up outside a newsagent,removed five teeth with a 7" disc cutter,severed main blood vessel and tendons in right arm falling through a shop window in Padstow and had two discs removed from lower spine
My dad used to be accident prone also but I think I've overtaken him now
I've just remembered that this is a model rail forum so I'll shut up now
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Hi chaps,I rented a quad on zakinthos last summer and nearly got the symptoms again but it was raining when I got off the plane on home ground so gave up that grandad also worked on the rws,GWR in canons marsh,bristol. I have a photo of him driving a shirehorse with beer barrels on the truck,strange how quickly this all changed as my dad passed his hgv for BR when he was 17 in a scarab,(got pics of this to which when a new scanner arrives I may post them if any interest) I was recently looking in my dads attick and found inbetween the pages of an old book my grandads retirement cetificate from the GWR.
I always enjoyed owning a bike Brian,but after 20 years just realised that Im not that great on a bike.(think it was something to do with the lifestyle also)
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