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Expanding a Lenz DCC system

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My Lenz system has the handheld controller LH100 and a LZV100 command/power station.

I managed to purchase a second set 100 on Ebay at a good price.
( I just wanted the LH100 handheld but thought a 2nd command station could be useful).

I would like to know if I can use the second LZV100 as if it was an LV101 power station.
I am reluctant to connect them together via the CDE terminals in case the command signals interact and I end up with no command station.

Any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated.
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As far as I know, you can't do this. Both units are command stations. You want one to be a slave booster, but it can't be set as such.
When I looked inside my LZV100 I got the impression that one PCB was to do with the command station and the other to do with the power station. If this is so then it may be possible to re-use the power part as a slave to another command station. However I've never heard of anyone doing this and I don't recommend you to try it on the strength of this post!
Hi Sandman

The LZV100 has a built in LV102 Power Station . However I have not heard of anyone separating the two.
You can always use the second LZV100 on your workbench or resell it and buy a LV102 if you need an extra power district
an older LZ100 sold recently for EUR 81.10 and that was without Power Station

Regards Zmil
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