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Ey up everybody!

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Just to say hi to all.

I have returned to hobby after a Fiat Punto tried to kill me whilst i was riding my motorbike

This unfortunate incident has turned out to be a blessing though

My wife now likes to know where i am and what i'm doing and has been very accomodating with the new venture

Every cloud does indeed have a Silver lining.(God bless Punto's)
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Welcome to the forum, Glyn. Hope the Punto is recovering well

I'm sure you'll find plenty of help and interest here.
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Welcome Glyn,

I'm sure they will be much to interest you here.

Nice to hear that you have the support of your wife with the hobby.
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Hi Glyn, welcome to the forum. I had a similar incident riding a motor bike a long time ago. I decided to call it a day. Model Rail is probably safer.
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Welcome to the forum.

You need to include a scale model of a written off Punto somewhere on your layout, with a motorcyclist gloating over the wreckage.
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Hi Glyn and welcome

Ask away, you will normally get more information than you ask for!!


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