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Factory reset for minitrix RAm TEE

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I am struggling to recover from making a mistake in programming a minitrix RAm TEE sound decoder. It reads as a 131 (minitrix) version 5, and was brought to me as being extremely slow in acceleration or deceleration. The sound/lights worked OK. On my NCE Powercab I simply set the momentum to zero and this solved the problem, at least for a while. Without doing any other adjustments, it reverted back to being extremely slow in acc. and dec. . The momentum commands would not work any more! Previously I had reset one of these RAm TEE units (which had a loksound on board) by resetting cv 8 to 8.(On the programming track) Thinking it was the same decoder I did the same to this unit, but the result was the whole decoder does not respond to anything! When I read cv 8 on the programming track it reads 131 as if it has not been altered.
I have the booklet that comes with the unit but there is no factory reset mentioned. I have checked the cv's against those given and they read as they apparently should. When programming on the main cv 8 reads 5 but the book does not give any data for cv 8.

Has any one any suggestions, please?

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QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 1 May 2008, 22:38) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I think this might be a job for Richard Johnson.

Thank you for the thought. I have just come onto the computer after sorting the problem out!!! It's either an embarrassment or a learning curve.
I returned the unit to the programming track, not PoM, to read what address it was supposedly working on, and the cv 1 read 8! No one had changed the address to 8, and it had worked on 3, so my thinking is that entering 8 into cv 8 actually changed the address of the unit to 8.
So, on the programming track I returned cv 1 to 3, and at the same time checked and changed any values (some had changed ) to what is given in the booklet..... It has done the trick, and the initial problem of painfully slow acc. and dec. has been cured. It has not slipped back to other settings again.

One lesson for me is the difference it makes for some decoders to always use the programming track, where as others can be happily modified PoM.
It is a pain, but I like the challenge and the learning.
I hope it may help some one else who reads this.
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