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Faller have a large open stand at the show. Very inviting and all their layouts and dioramas are very animated. You can watch them for ages as vehicles and trains move around.

Everything in the Faller world is very clean and bright. Representative of how the Germans like to model. Virtually no weathering and everything having a sort of plastic look to it. Sure it is mostly plastic, but that is what the rest of us try to get away from.

This year they release a few new town buildings. A new 6-story fire station that sells for 250 Euros. A new waterfront village with lighthouse and windmills. Faller add on to the zoo items that were started last year. Faller is one of two main companies making modern farm models. It seems that you can model farms these days. You don't need a railway as there is so much to do on the farm. More farms in other reports.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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