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Faller car system

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Can someone please explain how would the Pc 161351 module be used with the analog car system. Faller is saying to me that yes it is compatible but I don’t understand how would it be able to communicate with the analog cars? Please help


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Welcome to this site Rudy. Sadly I have not a clue about this Faller system, and a quick search suggests that the last active interest was in 2017 from someone we haven't heard from lately.

I think you might do best if you post this question in the HO forum, where there is most likely to be some know-how. HTH
The analogue cars just have a reed switch, so not sure how this interface could communicate!
I had a quick look at Faller's web page for this product - PC-standard module and had a quick read of the manual from here:

It looks to me like the 12 outputs are for switching things like the Branch-off junction and equivalent stop and bus stop solenoids. You could probably control the traffic lights as well.

The 11 inputs would read these sensors - 3 Sensors.

The PC would run software to check the inputs to detect a magnet equipped car and the program the stop functions or whatever to suit.

There is no direct connection to the cars so far as I can tell.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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