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Farish black5 tender pick up removal query

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Just a quick query, if I cut the wire to the tender on the farish black 5 should it still run with only the loco pick ups on the main wheels. I've trialled running the engine on track and lifting the tender of the rails and the engine was still moving. However before I cut anything I said I would just check.

I purchased it to use the chassis for a new Hunslet however unlike the older black5 model I used, that was only loco powered, with no pickup/wire from the cab to tender.

Thanks in advance

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Having just seen this post, you have validated that the loco runs despite eliminating power pick up from the tender, so you are good to go with your plans.

One suggestion, which may or may not be practical, I have no recent experience of N gauge so you need to make your own decision! When detaching the wires from the tender I would suggest unsoldering the wires at the loco end; because if you ever want to sell the tender as a spare, having the wire connections to the loco intact is likely to make it more attractive to potential purchasers.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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