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Farish Stanier coaches now in production

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Bachmann Europe PLC has announced that the Stanier Coaches have now entered the production stage.

These form part of the recently introduced Blue Riband range and are being manufactured to a very high standard. The coach sides have fully moulded detail with flush glazing, new slim line close coupling system with NEM coupling pocket, detailed roof and coach interiors for each type, fully detailed ends (corridor connections) complete with support brackets for gangways and are the first coaches for N gauge to be fitted with 7mm correct diameter coach wheels. Each coach comes complete with a detailing pack, which includes vacuum pipes, and gangway end covers. Six types are being produced including a Brake Third, Brake First, Corridor Third, Vestibule Third, Corridor First and First/Third Composite. In British Railways days Third Class was re-designated Second Class.

The coaches are being introduced in two liveries, London Midland & Scottish Railway Crimson Lake and British Railways Crimson/Cream. Each coach retails at £15.25.

The coaches are expected to be delivered to dealers in the Summer and compliment the recently introduced Jubilee Class locomotives.
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Pretty sure these coaches have 7.4 -7.47 mm wheels and not 7mm diameter. Unless I got one with the wrong wheels!

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