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February Model Rail magazine

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My February Model Rail arrived today and I do have to say it is an absolute corker of an edition.

I won't say too much for the moment but I was wondering if others who pick up Model Rail had the same reaction as myself. For those who are occasional readers then I would suggest you pop down to your local newsagent and pick up a copy as it is one of the best editions in a long while.

Its is interesting to observe though that in the week that Hornby announce that one of their major releases for 2006 is the Devon Belle train pack, Model rail do a two page spread on the Devon Belle following on from a readers question.

And last month they did a big article on the GWR Railcars that Hornby are now reintroducing.

I wonder if there are any clues in Model Rail that hint at Bachmann's new offerings for 2006/07?

Happy modelling
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I still haven't finished the last one...

And the magazines Dennis sent me...

Where is the time
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