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Festival of Model Railways Harrogate

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Not much seems to have been advitised about this, as I checked in Railway Modeller and Hornby Mag and both had no mention of this, but I do believe that it is on. Thought I would start a thread for it as there wasn't one already seen as it's two weeks off :)
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as Model Rail and Hornby mags are business rivals to British railway modelling they tend not to mention the 3 warners model railway shows much but they do put on a descent show so it should be worth a visit. Details will be on the website as mentioned in the post above
A slightly belated welcome to the Forum!

I don't know if you've yet fully investigated all the features of the forum, but it has a built-in 'Events' calendar. Posting information on this has the advantage that all events are automatically flagged on the index page of the forum for a month before the event takes place.

Click on 'Calendar' top rightish of the banner and select 'Events' and follow through to the dates the event is on. (The 'Communities' calendar is for people's birthdays and the like!)

John Webb
Just wanted to say, I have been today, and had a fantastic day, got several locos for a good price that I really wanted.

Some amazing layouts too which I was able to film

Great day is all I can say
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