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Does anyone know how far north a FGW '*** packet' HST has been seen in service? Or failing that, any other FGW HST?

I know one (43004/009) has been to Leicester (on hire to MML) where it was declared a failure and returned to FGW. And I know Virgin has hired a set of MK2 loco hauled coaches from FGW to go up north (York?), but has a FGW HST been further than Leicester?

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QUOTE (Daniel Morris @ 31 Jul 2009, 08:05) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>worcester i think

Surely that's normal FGW territory anyway (I thought that Leicester was further north anyway)


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don't you 'southerners' know anything?
im joking....

Leicester is further north than worcester!!!

and yes the power cars had been to brush, so i had heard around town....

anyway it wouldn't be the first time a 'foriegn' train has appeared, we tend to get Virgin units sometimes...

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QUOTE (Bring Back GNER @ 4 Aug 2009, 15:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sadly almost every hst has been to brush for the devil's mtu engine to be fitted into them. The first of the network rail power cars will go soon. At least there is still Grand Central! Long live the VALENTA!

If that means the end of all that fug then all the better !
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