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QUOTE An excellent reason for not having fiddle yards is that they don't exist in reality - only on models. Why not have a freight/marshalling yard for goods trains and carriage sidings for passenger stock. That way you have the added pleasure of shunting your stock rather than "tail-chasing'" all the time .And you get to see everything the whole of the time.

well, they ''do' and they ''don't''................model railways usually consist of ''compromises'' apt description of a model railway is ''theatre?''

But, taking the 'reality'' in to context.....if one stands on a station platform, watching the 'comings and goings' one rarely 'sees' where a train has come from, or goes to?

Ie they appear, strut their stuff, and disappear.

We 'know' where they go to, but don't 'see' the actual journey.

If it were not for this 'knowledge', they might just as well go to a huge fan of sidings, somewhere out of sight?

With an 'oval'...this can represent the 'mileage'....better if the station modelled isn't 'actually' part of the continuous run......but if space is limited, this may not be helped?
However, sometimes 'operation' may pall, and simply sitting watching the 'movement' of a favourite train is all that is needed by the builder?

Personally, I have an issue with storage sidings.....if they are not ''hidden''...!!

because, having them on view challenges the illusion that they are there to create?

SO, one of my 'problems is, how to hide such beasties,WITHOUT the hassles of access?

I also feel they are somewhat of a ''waste of space''......but not in the general sense.

What I mean is, whilst they may be 'necessary', they do consume ''model-able'' space.
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