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Hi to everyone at the forum

Well I finally got me train set !!!

Its been 45 years coming, but I allways seemed to find some other thing to model, be it plastic kits, r/c cars, r/c planes ...

Anyhoo ... I allways said I would "build a model railway one day" so deep breath.. here we go !!

Stroke of luck finding this forum though ... I have tons of questions

Thanks in advance for any and all help,


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QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 17 Mar 2007, 07:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Good one Boiler Maker. What train set did you get?

You'll not have far to go to get to Rails in Sheffield to get more stuff to add to it.

Hi Neil and Pedro.
Thanks for the messages !!
Not quite a "set" but a good start all the same !!
I got 3 locos to start me off, all Bachmann. The Class 25 diesel (from the set), 3F Jinty, and 8750 Pannier tank all DCC .

Also 2 Mk1 crimson/cream coaches and about a dozen various tank, open and box wagons also all Bachmann.
I also got the EZ Command controller which is not too complicated to start with !! Track for now is various bits of Peco OO setrack including a couple of points - good for playing on for now !!!

I dont have a lot of room, so my layout needs to be small, but having seen Chris Nevards layout Cement Quay (fantastic), in Model Rail magazine its amazing how much you can pack into a small space ... plus I am enjoying messing around shunting anyway , so this in mind I have allready made 2 baseboards both 5ft6in x 2ft .

MDF tops and 2 x 1 in frames screwed and glued. Trackwork will be Peco Streamline and points Streamline insulfrog.
I have 2 ideas but cant decide
so hence 2 boards ... looks like 2 small layouts eventually !!
Both will use either a seperate small fiddle board or cassettes (cant decide yet) advice will be welcome..

One idea is maybe a small steam/diesel heritage railway based around a modern small branch terminus.
The other idea is a modern industrial layout, maybe set around a quarry or steel industry (thanks to Chris Nevard for inspiration !!)
Anyway thats the state of play so far ...

Comments greatly appreciated


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QUOTE (BRITHO @ 23 Mar 2007, 13:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You forgot the partridge in a pear tree!! - A good start though.



Partridge .... Pear tree ??

Hmmm .... I wonder

Trees Eh ??.... Hmmm

Maybe a wood yard ....or a sawmill .... or a .....

Oh Eck John
you've done it now

Think I'm Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

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QUOTE (rb277170 @ 26 Mar 2007, 20:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sounds good. Best of luck and have great fun with it. If I was starting out now I would certainly go DCC and I think you've made a sound decision with Bachmann .


You hit the nail on the head there Russell mate, its all about having fun , and I am
thanks for the welcome .
I cant fault Bachmann so far ..... good quality , nicely detailed models

Not sure about the 12 Days of Christmas layout John !!! all those lords a leapin' and geese a layin'

....think I will pass on that one for now !!!

Anyway, I just got the new Walthers catalogue from MG Sharps in Sheffield, and there are some fantastic buildings in it ....
(Oh sweet inspiration !!! ) think its going to be an industrial theme for first layout ....


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