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find dcc loco address

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the trains on my track are dcc and wish to know if i can use the command station to find the dcc address of the trains by scanning through the address range if possable.
i have an hornby elite,but would use other hardware/software to find the address.
darren mark green
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I have not got a Hornby Elite unit but I would imagine it either has the capability to read the address, configuration variable (the dreaded CV) 0; or if not to write a CV to the locomotive

If it can not read then program CV 0 to what number you want it to be and it will overwrite whatever is there.

If the locomotives are brand new then the address will be 03 to start off with.
Darren, I have somewhere an in depth report on the ELITE, I will look for it and report tomorrow, I seem to remember some thing about searching for the loco ID.
I don't think you can do that Darren. You can scan CV1 for it's value but if you (or anyone else) has loaded a four digit address then CV's 16 and 17 are where that coded address will be. My command station (Digitrax), if you select CV1, it reverts to automatic mode and will accept any adddress you give it.

Then you select that address on the command station.
***Hello Darren

Page 27 of your elite manual describes the hornby search function.

page 30 and 31 shows how to add loco's to a favourites menu for easy later recall


Darren, all I can find out is as follows.
You should be able to do this, the manual suggests that readout is possible if Railcom is activated?
Or with loco on program track and using Direct Programing Mode.
I would suggest you connect to your PC, and goto
and see if there are any Firmware upgrades. Leon.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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