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Fire in Nürnberg depot

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I have sad news from the Fire in Nürnberg depot worth millions of euros see the link,12442,12442#msg-12442

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Thats an absolute disaster.

Whilst its only iron to a lot of people I simply do not like to see pictures of locomotives in such a sorry state. All that hard work.

The roof callapsed last year on a railway museum in America. This Nurnberg fire looks much worse.

Lets hope nobody was injured.

Just imagine how it would be if the National Railway Museum in York complete with Flying Scotsman went up in flames. Thats exactly how it is for our German friends.

Happy modelling
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Definitely lost were:

01 150
23 105
38 2884
45 010
50 622
86 457
89 837
V60 150
V80 002
V100 1023
V100 2023
V200 002
E19 12
E52 34
E71 19
E75 09

There is video, in German, at,1196,...nal_NAV,00.html

More pictures at the Nürnberger Nachrichten
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These were not at that location

Bay. S 2/6 (15 001)
05 001
38 2884
E19 12
this is very sad news indeed.

but i dont really understand the layout of the museum.
was the king ludwig coach destroyed?

the steam loco's really dont look all that bad. i dont know weather they were runners or cosmetically restored but from the pictures the damage looks fairly superficial. the paint has obviously gone and they are certainatly going to need running down and repainting but apart from that i can only see minor damage to most of them. it will be interesting to see a detailed report IN ENGLISH PLEASE!!

the diesels look much worse. i suspect much of the bodywork was wodden and that has burned leaving only the metal skin. the roofs look to have collapsed on the ones in the pictures.

Appalling. Steam locos may survive some extremes but a lot will depend on the temperature and duration and how hot they were when water was played on them - the sudden cooling effect could be worse than the fire itself. Bearings will have run and brasswork is likely be written off, if the boilers had water in them (unlikely) then things could be complicated. The worst problem would be if the tenders had coal in them - if that burnt then they will be wrecked.

Really sad (I was there two years ago).

60134 is right to comment about the effects of sudden cooling - at a fire last year at Stotfold, Bedfordshire, involving traction engines in a building the owner was able to persuade the Fire Service not to dowse the engines but to concentrate on the surrounding material - it seems likely that as a result all will steam again without major casting repairs.

There is also information under 'Model Railway News' in this forum.

The NRM seems well protected - they have detection systems and 24 hour security so hopefully they should not suffer. And I expect their archives are well protected too.
John, was that the one featured in Fred Dibnah's last series? I remember him covering a traction engine fire (a newly restored machine?) and the heartbreak the owners had suffered.....

Yes, I think it was. Can't find the magazine article at present which I read about it to double check.
I see from Steam Railway magazine that the boiler and some of the running gear from "Der Adler" which was involved in the fire have been sent to Meningen works for assessment and possible repair. Maybe there's hope for some of the exhibits yet - does anyone else have any news?

BTW, the A1 boiler is well on its way at Meningen and should be finished this summer. See

60134 (now you know why!)
thankyou for the update. its a pity that english information about the Nurnburg fire is so hard to come buy. Even german sites containing any snippits are few and far between. i really dont believe that many of the items were as badly damages as first thought. the steam engines shound not be too bad. i suspect that most of the damage is soft bearing materials and cladding. i noticed that some of the tender casings had not buckled in the heat so i dont think the fire got all that hot.

Mmmm.... not sure about that. There was no sign of the Adler's frames but they may have been of the wood sandwich type and therefore destroyed. Germany doesn't seem to be having a lot of luck with fires at the moment!

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