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Firmware update problems

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I have just tried updating my hornby elite firmware from version1.0 to 1.3. The procedure went as the instructions on the hornby website said but when i restarted the elite it still showed version 1.0. I tried the procedure again but my computer would not recognise the elite as new hardware so i could not proceed. I transferred the update file to another computer and the update seemed to go ok again but the elite was still on version 1.0. I have emailed hornby but still await a reply. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also is the update vital as i am prepared to carry on with version 1.0 if it only alters a few minor points of the elite.
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I plugged the elite straight into computer. I thought the stuff about com ports applied to non XP users. I am using windows XP. thanks for the info.
I tried again to update my elite and i got an "update fail" message and now my elite will not work at all apart from the power light flashing on and off. Called hornby and i have to email them again.
Tried several times to update my elite but got very fed up and took it back to the shop for a replacement. Felt a bit guilty as it wasnt the shops fault but they exchanged it for me. I am now staying with version 1.0 until any major problem becomes apparent, they alter the update procedure or there is a big incentive to upgrade. Now going to relax and do some model railway stuff, a hobby i started to reduce my stress level HA HA!!!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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